Double Big Toe Pose (Ubhaya Padangusthasana)


This seated balancing pose is one of my favorites! Holding both of your big toes while balancing on your sitting bones can be challenging. But this pose will build strength in the core muscles and stretch and lengthen the backs of the legs. Feel free to keep a slight bend in the knees or use a yoga strap to help make reaching your toes more accessible.


Begin seated with your feet flat on the mat.

Start to lean back slightly, keeping the spine long and lift the legs bringing the shins parallel with the ground.

Bring your pointer and middle finger around your big toes.

Lift your chest and balance on your sitting bones slowly beginning to straighten your legs, bringing your body into a V shape.

Relax your shoulders and hold for at least 30 seconds


Strengthens and tones the core muscles

Stretches and lengthens the backs of the legs

Opens the chest

Improves balance

Increases concentration and focus

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