HOW TO: Twisted Standing Forward Fold (Parivrtta Uttanasana)

Twisted Standing Forward Fold

I love twists…like really love them.  They are so good for the spine and help improve the function of your abdominal organs.  I especially love this pose because it gives you a great stretch on the back of the straightened leg and feels really good on the low back.

Begin standing on your mat in Mountain Pose.

Inhale and lift your arms up overhead, exhale and fold forward reaching down towards the ground, coming into Standing Forward Fold.

Bend your right knee deeply enough to place your right hand on the mat in front of your toes.  If your hand cannot reach, use a yoga block or stack of books to rest your hand on.

Twist over to the left reaching your left arm up overhead.

Gaze up towards your fingertips or down towards the mat.

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Stretches the hamstrings, low back, shoulders, and chest

Strengthens the upper back and core muscles

Can help relieve low back pain and digestive discomfort

Improves function of the abdominal organs

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