Warrior Sequence To Strengthen and Tone Your Legs

I’ve been on a Warrior Pose kick lately.  I love Warrior Poses for their accessibility and ability to strengthen the body and mental focus.  If you take a class with me you’ll most certainly being doing at least one of the following poses, because I believe they’re so versatile and perfect for any sequence.  This group of poses was built on the foundation of the Warrior Postures and is designed to build strength in your lower body, tone your legs, and increase endurance, mental focus, along with energizing the body and mind.  You can make this sequence as long or short as you need to and skip poses that don’t feel great to you.  But I promise if you keep practicing you’ll start to notice some positive changes.

Hold each pose for at least 5 slow inhales and exhales or about 30 seconds.  Build up to a minute and then so on, increasing the length as your body builds up strength.

Warrior I

To begin start in Mountain Pose at the top of your mat.  Step your left foot back several feet turning your foot at a 45 degree angle.  Turn your hips towards the front of your mat, you may need to walk your right foot several inches to the right to do that.  Ensure your right knee is directly above the ankle.  Lift your arms overhead and breathe.  This is Warrior I Pose.

High Lunge

From Warrior I Pose, lift your left heel off of the mat pressing the sole of the foot behind you.  You can step the left foot back further if that’s comfortable. Keep your hips facing forward and hold. This is High Lunge Pose.

Warrior II Pose

From High Lunge Pose, plant your left heel on the mat, this time pointing your toes to your left and keeping the outer edge of the left foot parallel with the mat.  Turn your hips and torso to the left as well. Line the heel of your right foot with the arch of the left foot and press into the outer edge of the left foot to engage both legs.  Stretch your arms out at shoulder height on either side of you and gaze out over your right middle finger.  Keep your front knee bent directly above your ankle and hold.  This is Warrior II Pose.

Extended Side Angle Pose

From Warrior II Pose bring your right forearm onto your right thigh.  Lift your left arm alongside your left ear.  Keep your knee bent directly above your ankle and your hips and torso pointing towards the left. This is Extended Side Angle Pose.

Reverse Warrior

From Extended Side Angle, inhale lifting back up into Warrior II Pose.  Then flip your right palm up towards the sky (or ceiling) and reach your left hand back down your left leg, resting it gently on your leg. Bring your right arm alongside your right ear and gaze up towards your fingers. Keep your legs in the Warrior II stance and hold. This is Reverse Warrior Pose.

Warrior III Pose

From Reverse Warrior, inhale lifting back up into Warrior II pose.  Then step your left foot forward coming back into Mountain Pose at the top of your mat.  Hinge forward from your hips and shift your weight onto your right leg.  Reach your left leg behind you and you can bring your arms in front of you or alongside your body with the fingers pointing towards your left foot.  Intend to bring your torso and back leg parallel with the mat. Point your left toes down towards the mat to help bring your hips level and spiral your inner thigh towards the sky. Hold for as long as you can. As a modification for beginners you can use a wall and place the sole of the lifted foot onto it or reach your hands out in front of you and rest them on a wall to help you balance. This is Warrior III Pose.

Congratulations! You’ve finished the first side, now repeat on the other side to fully balance your body. 

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5 Responses to Warrior Sequence To Strengthen and Tone Your Legs

  1. Love all.these poses! I would love to feature you on my blog in my powerful poses series. Let me know if you might be interested


  2. cookiesnchem says:

    Beautiful pictures – and posture, of course!


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