HOW TO: Reclined Cow Face Pose (Supta Gomukhasana)

Reclined Cow Face Pose

This hip opening pose is a gentler version of Cow Face Pose but still very effective at stretching the outer hips. Since it’s reclined, this pose can be great for individuals who have back pain and who find it uncomfortable to sit on the yoga mat. The great thing is that since tight hips are a huge contributing factor to low back pain this pose can help relieve mild backache.

Begin by lying down on your back.

Cross your right leg over your left stacking the knees on top of each other.

Bring your hands to your shins or to the outer edges of your feet.

Intend to bring the shins in one straight line.

Flex the feet and gently pull the knees towards the chest.

Hold for as long as is comfortable and then repeat on the other side.

Deeply stretches the hips and knees

Relieves back pain and sciatica pain

Helps calm the mind and relieve stress

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2 Responses to HOW TO: Reclined Cow Face Pose (Supta Gomukhasana)

  1. Sunshine in Motion says:

    Awesome didn’t know what this pose was thanks for the tutorial


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