HOW TO: Reverse Table Pose (Ardha Purvottanasana)

Reverse Table Pose

This shoulder and chest opening pose is a great alternative to Upward Facing Plank Pose. Both poses are great to do to counteract the “forward facing” life we typically lead.  Think about how much time you spend hunched over a computer, texting on a phone, or driving. Even many sports cause you to hunch forward like biking, tennis, and baseball/softball.  Additionally, this pose helps strengthen the arms and core muscles.

Begin seated on your yoga mat with your legs stretched our straight in front of you.

Bend your knees and place the soles of the feet hip distance apart with your heels about 2 feet from your sitting bones.

Place your hands directly underneath your shoulder with your fingers facing towards your feet.

Push down into your hands and lift your hips off of the mat, bringing them in line with your knees.

Keep your head lifted or let it fall back if that’s okay for your neck.

Deeply stretches and opens the chest and shoulders

Strengthens the wrists, arms, and shoulders

Strengthens and tones the legs

Tones the core muscles

Gently stretches the hamstrings

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