HOW TO: Upward Plank (Purvottanasana)

Upward Plank

This is one of those poses that I often forget about during my practice.  But when I remember it, it feels so good and I’m always glad I did it.  This pose really opens up the chest and shoulders so it is effective at helping to correct poor posture and prevent hunching over or roundness in the upper back.  If you’re looking for some more plank options check out these two posts on Straight Arm Plank and Side Plank

Sit on your yoga mat with your legs stretched out in front of you.

Place your palms on the mat right behind your hips with your fingers pointing towards your toes.

Lean back and lift your hips off of the mat towards the ceiling keeping your legs straight.

Keep your neck in a neutral position or gently let your head fall back.

Keep the hips lifted and push down through all edges of the feet.

If you experience discomfort in the wrists or forearms try pointing your fingers back towards your head.

Deeply stretches and opens the check and shoulders

Stretches the abdomen, hip flexors, and thighs

Strengthens the glutes, thighs, core muscles, upper back, and arms

Corrects poor posture and can help relieve back pain

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2 Responses to HOW TO: Upward Plank (Purvottanasana)

  1. Sunshine in Motion says:

    Great tutorial! This is a pose I really haven’t spent much time in so it’s good to be refreshed on!


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