HOW TO: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Eagle PoseThis is one of my favorite standing poses, because it is challenging and really requires coordination between the body and mind. As an added benefit this pose really strengthens the legs and core and opens up the upper back.  If you want to practice the arm portion of this pose without the standing balance challenge, check out this post for Eagle Arms.

Begin standing in Mountain Pose on your yoga mat.

Begin to shift your weight onto your right foot and then slightly bend both knees.

Lift your left foot and cross your left thigh over the right.  Stay here or tuck your left toes behind your right calf.

Stretch the arms out straight in front of you.  Cross the right arm over the left stacking the elbows on top of each other.

Bend your arms entwining them together to bring the palms together.

Squeeze your thighs together and lift the elbows up to bring them in line with your shoulders.

If you’re unable to bring your palms together, press the backs of the hands together.

If you are struggling to balance, rest your toes on the mat instead of hooking them behind your calf.

Opens the hips, shoulders, and upper back

Strengthens the feet, ankles, legs, glutes, and core

Improves balance, focus, and concentration

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