HOW TO: Humble Warrior Pose/Warrior I Variation (Virabhadrasana I)

Humble Warrior Pose

I am a huge fan of the Warrior Poses in Yoga.  Physically, I think they are so wonderful as they tone and strengthen your entire lower body and your core.  Mentally, they are very empowering poses as they exude strength and power.  They test your balance and while they are challenging they are often accessible for most students.  Check out: Warrior IWarrior II, and Reverse Warrior for even more Warrior options.

Humble Warrior is a strong pose, but as the name suggests it is also a humble pose.  The act of bowing down is meant to symbolize the acceptance of where you are in your life in that moment.  I love practicing this pose when I’m feeling frustrated with my yoga practice or my life as it brings me back to state of humility and acceptance.  Additionally it is a fantastic way to create strength and flexibility in the body!  This is just a very well-rounded yoga pose.

Begin in Warrior I Pose.  Ensure your heels are aligned and your front knee is directly over the front ankle or slightly behind.

Ensure your hips are open to the short edge of the mat.  Push strongly into the outer edge of the back foot to engage both legs.

On an inhale, interlace your fingers behind your back at your tailbone.

On an exhale, begin to fold forward bringing your torso forward and down towards the inside of your front thigh.  As a modification you can rest your torso on your thigh.

Begin to lift your arms up behind you, squeezing the shoulder blades towards each other and pressing the palms together.

Gaze towards your back foot.

Hold for at least 30 seconds.

To come out of the pose, drop your clasped hands to your tailbone and then rise up slowly.  Repeat on the other side.

Strengthens the feet, ankles, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, shoulders, and arms

Stretches and opens the hips and groin muscles

Deeply stretches and expands the muscles in the chest and shoulders

Builds stamina and endurance

Relaxes and calms the mind and body

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