Ask a Yoga Question


I LOVE talking yoga, so when people ask me for tips, advice, or about anything related to yoga, I immediately become excited! Yoga is my passion and I love sharing that passion with others. To help spread knowledge and understanding of yoga, I wanted to start a new series dedicated to answering all of your burning questions related to yoga, which is where this post came from.

So How Does It Work?
Good first question! All you have to do is ask any question related to yoga… really any question.  From what does namaste mean and why do classes typically end with it?… to what poses can I do to build upper body strength?… to how can I prepare for headstand?… or how can I improve my balance?  All questions are fair game and no question is a silly question!  Chances are if you have the question, someone else does as well.

Next week, I will respond to all of the questions on my blog in a separate post, that will also be linked to this post.

See how easy it is?

Where Do I Send The Questions?
Now that is an important question!  You can submit the questions in the Comments section below, on Facebook, or by sending an email to

So ask a question, and stay tuned for the answers next week!


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