Yoga Sequence for a More Restful Sleep


I love sleep…sometimes there is nothing better than sinking into a comfy bed after a long day. But often, I am really terrible at sleeping. It’s hard for me to turn off the stress and thoughts from the day and the planning for the next day. I’ve found yoga to be incredibly helpful when it comes to relaxing my body and mind before I get in bed. This particular sequence will really help you find a state of calmness and peacefulness to let you get the restful sleep you deserve. Do this sequence right before bed and set an intention to stay away from electronics and other distractions after the sequence to really feel the full benefit.

Rag Doll Pose

Begin standing on your mat in Mountain Pose.  Inhale your arms up overhead and then as you exhale fold forward from your hips, keeping a long spine.  Grab opposite elbows with your hands and relax your neck and shoulders.  Take 5-10 deep inhales and exhales.

Seated Twist


Begin seated on your mat with your legs straight out in front of you.  Lift your right leg and cross it over your left bring your right foot near your left hip.  Bend your left leg bringing your heel towards your right hip.  Inhale and lift your arms up overhead.  On your exhale bring your left arm to the outside of your right leg.  Bring your right hand back behind you, gently twisting to the right. Take 5-10 breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Bound Angle Pose


Sit on your yoga mat with your legs straight in front of you.  Bend your knees bringing your heels towards your pelvis and the soles of your feet together.  Bring your heels as close to your pelvis as you comfortably can.  With the first two fingers grab the big toe of each foot, or bring your hands to each ankle or calf.  Keep the outsides of the feet rooted to the ground and sit with a straight spine.  If it’s comfortable begin to slowly fold forward, bringing your chest towards your toes.  Take 5-10 deep inhales in this pose.

Wide Legged Child’s Pose


Begin on your hands and knees in Table Top Pose.  Exhale, lowering your hips down to your heels and sread your knees wide bringing the big toes together.  Relax your torso between your thighs and stretch your arms out in front of you bringing the palms and the forehead to the mat.  Remain in this pose as long as is comfortable.

Legs Up the Wall Pose


Bring your yoga mat to the edge of a wall.  Sit next to the wall with your right hip as close to the wall as possible.  Swing your legs up onto the wall and bring your shoulders and head lightly onto the floor,  You may need to scoot your hips closer to the wall with the intention of bringing your hips and the backs of the legs flush with the wall.  Flex your feet so that the soles of the feet point towards the ceiling.  Let your hands rest by your sides or on your abdomen.  Keep your chin tucked slightly to allow the back of the neck to remain long.  Stay here for 5-10 minutes, breathing deeply and allowing your mind to relax.  Use this breathing exercise to help soothe stress and anxiety and prepare you for a deep sleep.

I hope you enjoy this sleep-promoting sequence and have many restful nights. Sweet dreams!

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