HOW TO: Balancing Table Pose (Dandayamna Bharmanasana)

Yoga Pose for balancing and building core strength

This is a great beginner pose for to help strengthen your core and improve your balance.

Begin on your hands and knees in Table Top pose.  Ensure your shoulders, elbows, and wrists are in one line and that your hips are right above your knees.

Spread your fingers and push your weight evenly into both hands.

On an inhale, lift your right leg up behind you to bring it parallel to the floor.  Flex the foot, pointing the toes down towards the ground.

On your next inhale, lift your left arm up to bring it in line with your lifted leg.  Stretch your fingers out in front of you.

Look forward and down, pushing into your right hand, and left knee, shin, and top of the foot into the mat.

Hold for at least 30 seconds then come back into Table Top pose and repeat on the other side.

Place a folded blanket under the knees if you have any discomfort.

If it’s difficult to maintain balance with one leg and arm lifted, try lifting just your leg and then just your arm until you get comfortable in the pose.

Increase the core work of this pose by adding some movement.  As you exhale, round the spine bringing the left elbow to the right knese.  When you inhale stretch the arm and the leg away from each other, coming back into Balancing Table pose.

Instead of lifting the opposite arm and leg, try lifting the arm and the leg on one side to challenge the balance.  The key with this is to keep the body parallel with the mat and the hips even.

Improves balance, memory, focus, and coordination

Strengthens and tones the core

Lengthens the spine and improves posture

Stabilizes and warms up the body

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