Refreshing and Energizing Summer Smoothie


I am a self-diagnosed smoothie addict. If I don’t have a smoothie each morning, it’s typically a bad start to the day.  I don’t drink coffee or caffeine of any sort, so smoothies are my jumpstart to the day to give me the energy to get through work, errands, etc.

I have also been a big Organic Burst fan for the last year.  This company, based out of London, sells organic, superfood products that are great in smoothies, salads, energy bars, etc.  People always think I’m crazy for spending so much on food, but I look at it as an investment in my health.  Either way you’ll spend money on your health, either spend it on fresh, organic, good for you (and good tasting) foods, or make up for it later in life in doctor’s bills.  Organic Burst has a range of products that help keep you at optimal health and boost energy, naturally.  Every once in awhile I get brave enough to try one of their recipes and they always turn out AMAZING!  I tried this Watermelon Baobab Smoothie this morning and it was the perfect refreshing and healthy beverage after being out in the sweltering, humid St. Louis weather.

I changed up the recipe a bit as I couldn’t find Watermelon Puree packets anywhere, so I used fresh, frozen watermelon and I also add a bit more spinach to it as I love my greens.  Here’s my version of the smoothie:

1 cup chopped, frozen, seedless watermelon
1 cup fresh organic spinach
1 whole ripened banana (brown spots are welcome here)
2 Tablespoons Organic Burst Baobab Powder
1 cup cold water

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender (I use Nutribullet, but I would recommend Vitamix or Ninja blenders as well).  Blend until smooth and silky, it should take less than a minute.  Poor into a glass and enjoy!

What is Baobab?
Baobab powder is made from the raw fruit of the Baobab Tree in Africa.  It is a very nutrient dense, sweet fruit that is high in Vitamin C.  It has a citrusy taste to it.

Benefits of Baobab
Baobab is extremely high in Vitamin C so it can help strengthen your immune system and increase alertness and energy.  Also, the combination of Vitamin C and iron in the powder allows you to more effectively absorb iron.  Mixed with the watermelon and water in this smoothie, the powder helps keep you hydrated in a deliciously easy way!

Also, try just adding Baobab powder to your water for a sweet hydrating drink all day long!

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